Foster V. Lennox Industries

Hannah Groce


James R. Foster and Richard G. Peitz


Lennox Industries, Inc. and Lennox Industrial, Inc.

What is the complaint

Foster and Peitz are suing Lennox $4.1 million for age discrimination.

What happened

Lennox Industries decided they wanted their entire work force under the age of 40. Foster was fired 5 months after being recognized as one of the top sales manager in the country, he was fired at 52. According to documents found, Lennox fired 1/3 of the sales managers over 40.


Lennox has to pay $4.1 million to to the people they fired, they split the $4.1 million. lennox also has to pay all the legal bills which added up to over $8,000

Has there been a appeal?


Has there been a reduction in damages?