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Welcome to Open House

Earthquakes PBL

The Earthquake PBL project was a project about building. We learned about seismic activity and earthquake resistant tech. For this project we were given a driving question: how can we, as structural engineers construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity. We were also given some materials, we used the materials to build the houses frame, when we were done we tested our building design, our house survived!

30 Hands Project

I learned many things from this project. Some things I learned about in my research was that the Carbon Dioxide we are sending into the atmosphere is causing global warming. Since Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas it traps heat, and with more and more becoming trapped in the atmosphere there is more and more heat becoming trapped due to the Carbon Dioxide. This project was a very enjoyable project. I enjoyed making the PicCollage's for each slide of the project.

Invention Convention

For our Invention Convention we built a solar powered boat. By building this boat we are trying to solve water pollution. Water pollution causes damage to environments and ecosystems, killing fish and other sea animals. "Water pollution affects the entire biosphere-plants and animals living in these bodies of water." cited from Wikipedia. Our invention stops water pollution from boats because the boat is solar powered. By being solar powered it doesn't use oil or other harmful materials which can cause pollution. This can lower the rate of ocean pollution significantly.
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