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March 2022

Principal's Pen

March is upon us and with it comes longer days and hopefully warmer ones as well. The school is gearing up for it’s drama, badminton, and whatever else we can fit in and it feels good to get back at it. We are now over half-way through the school year and it feels like a thousand things have happened with changes and adjustments, but it also feels like things have gone by so fast.

The rest of the year is a busy time, and often the end of the school year and the academics are what gets forgotten by students as they get involved in all of the opportunities they have. It is always important to remember that as much as we know that the extras are important, so is the classroom portion. We tend to lose school days for things such as field trips, track days, drama and these are all good things, but minimizing the other days missed becomes even more important. It is always a good idea to finish strong in a school year rather than limp to the end. This is especially important for our grade 12’s as graduation approaches and the temptation to look past school before it is over changes priorities before it is a good idea.

We often talk about how some students tend to melt with the snow. The change in weather and summer approaching can lead to a loss of focus on the tasks at hand, but we do not want to see things pile up at the end because of putting things off for later. This is true for everyone, not just the students but encouraging them to work now to make life easier later is always good advise.

We look forward to a much more normal spring, with the understanding that over the last two years things have changed at a rapid pace. Everyone is looking forward to being able to offer as much as possible for our students and we certainly hope that we are going to be able to. With that in mind we still do recognize that there are some people who are still not comfortable with going back to everything yet, whether it is because of health issues or just generally feeling uneasy. We will continue to respect everyone’s choice within the changes in rules and policies in order to make this a comfortable and safe place for everyone.

Thank you

Greg Knot

March Birthdays


Lyric ~ Carter S. ~ John ~ Gracie ~ Easton ~ James ~ Nixon ~ Addison B.

Tyler ~ June


Mr. Nash, Mrs. Knot, Mrs. Franson, Mrs. Mann

Thank you to alumni, community members, friends & families of the MUSTANGS for supporting the Senior Girls Volleyball Virtual Bake Sale!

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Chase the Ace -Medstead Central School Playground Fundraiser

Progressive Pot is over $2,600!! Don't miss out on getting your tickets!

Tickets can be purchased at these locations:

Innovation Credit Union - Medstead

Medstead Hometown Grocery

Ubettcha's Tavern

G-Mac's AgTeam

Glaslyn Agencies

The Liquor Nook

Rabbit Lake Hotel

Medstead Central School Office

$5 per ticket

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Lakeland Library News

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fridays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Librarian: Alison Fonos 306-342-4988

March 2022 Calendar

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