Bobcat Technology Update

Lakeview Elementary

NISD Portal Login Information for Parents

This year your child has the opportunity to access a variety of online learning tools provided to them by the district. These resources include the online reading program Lexia, and the online math program Imagine Math, as well as Google for Education tools. While your child will be using these in class, they will also have access to the resources at home.

All of these student resources are housed through the NISD Portal to enable students to easily navigate to desired programs. To access the portal at home, please follow these instructions:

From the internet, go to It will bring up a page with the same information as shown below. Students may input their district provided username and password. Please see the picture below for guidance.

Portal Username: firstname.lastname

Portal Password: FLID#

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Accessing Google From Home

In an effort to ensure our students are future ready, your child has their own Google for Education account. This is a district managed account to enable your child to participate in integrated, collaborative learning experiences with other NISD students and teachers. We encourage you to have your child access their google account at home and share with you the variety of projects and activities they have been working on in their classes. Students in grades three through five have created a digital e-portfolio for the purpose of organizing, sharing, and showcasing their learning. To access Google for Education accounts at home, please use the links provided below for the login credentials and additional information.

Imagine Math

This year, students in second through fifth grade have access to Imagine Math. This online program provides targeted math instruction tailored to each individual student's level. As a parent, you have the ability to monitor your child's progress in the program. Below is a letter from Imagine Math with additional information. To register for the program, please go to the Imagine Math Parent Registration Link. Lakeview's site code: 4833180

Students may access Imagine Math through the NISD portal. To access the portal, students may go to their grade level symbaloo or go to

Imagine Math Facts

Students in grades kindergarten through fifth have access to Imagine Math Facts. On a computer, students may access Imagine Math Facts through the portal at On a mobile device, students may download the Imagine Math Facts app. Please use the Imagine Math Facts start card provided by your child's teacher to see the correct username and password. Lakeview's site code: 4833180

Lexia Information for Parents

Options for Logging in to Lexia at Home

NISD Portal via Chromebook or Laptop/Desktop Computer

The ideal way to access Lexia is through the NISD portal on a computer or Chromebook.

  • Open Google Chrome (or other internet browser).

  • Navigate to

  • Students can login with their username and password or login using their NISD Portal QR code (KG-1 only). **Upon Request - Use this form to request an at home QR code for Kinder and 1st grade.

  • Once logged into the portal, click on “Core5 Lexia.”

  • Click “Log in with NISD Portal”

  • Wait until the login process is complete and you will now be logged into Lexia.

NISD Portal via iPad

  • Open Safari on the iPad.

  • Navigate to

  • Students can login with their username and password. KG-1st grade NISD Portal QR codes will only work on iPads with iOS 11 or 12*.

  • Once logged into the portal, click on “Core5 Lexia.”

  • You may be prompted to open Core5 Lexia via the Core5 Lexia app. If you see this prompt, click “Open.”

  • If prompted, click the “Log in with NISD Portal”

  • Wait until the login process is complete and you will now be logged into Lexia.

*If your device is running an older iOS, please contact your child’s teacher.