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2018-2019 School Year: Volume 2: Week 2 September 9, 2019

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Be the Best YOU at Grandview!!!

Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

Thank you for your support this first week. I am aware that there are routines in the morning and the afternoon that we all would like to run smoother. Please be patient as we all relearn the routines, understand the procedures and train our new families. More information is included below about the routines. Remember that if we all commit to these procedures and treat all of the Grandview parents kindly and respectfully, the routines can be effective.

Though the classrooms are off to an amazing start. It has been so wonderful seeing their learning communities evolve and their procedures become established. I have had a chance to get into all the classrooms this past week and I am so impressed with how quickly the students are adjusting to this new year.

We thank you, families, for helping get your children into a routine to help with this smooth beginning of the year. I look forward to meeting your children, as well as, all of you parents. Remember I have an open door policy and I believe that through open communication, we will work as a team to create the best school year for your child. Do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have a question, comment, suggestion, or in need of a clarification.

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Melissa Carruth, Ed.S

Great First Week of Learning

Morning Arrival Routines

If you drop off in the front of the school

  • Please do not drop your children off before 8:20. There is no school personnel outside to monitor your children.
  • If you do drop your children off in the front, please park in the parking lot and walk your children in. Do not have them walk in by themselves, there is too much traffic to ensure that your child will be safe. If you want them to walk in by themselves, please use the drop off in the back of the school.
  • Doors open at 8:20. When your children enters the building, they will report to their assigned hallway until the 8:25 bell.
  • If your child arrives after 8:25, they will report directly to their classroom.
  • Learning and breakfast begins at 8:30.

If you drop off on the back of the school

  • Morning Drop Off— - 8:20 to —8:30 am
  • School instruction begins at 8:30am. If you arrive after 8:30am please park at the front of school and sign your child in at the office.
  • Please make 3 car lines (morning and afternoon)
  • Filter into one line to approach the curb.
  • Pull up as far as you can go.
  • We will unload 3 cars at a time. If your child is old enough to open the car door and exit please let them do so. Otherwise our volunteers and staff will help you.
  • When your children enter the building, they will report to their assigned hallway until the 8:25 and 8:30 bell.
  • Please be safe, drive slow, be aware and BE KIND. Please do not go around cars that are unloading. We all have somewhere to be in the morning and safety is our #1 priority.

Afternoon Dismissal Routines

Parent Walk-Up

  • This is a routine for parents that live in the neighborhood and wish to walk up to school to pick up their child
  • This is not an alternative for parents that do not want to wait in the parent loop in the back
  • Children will be let out by grade level out the front door and will meet you, please wait until they leave the building to meet up with them
  • If you did park a car in the lot (not preferred), please park in a parking spot and please be mindful of the busses to ensure they can get through the car loop.
  • DO NOT signal for your children to cross the parking lot to meet you, you need to walk up and escort your child. There is TOO much traffic to have the children walk out by themselves.

Parent Pick-Up

  • Afternoon Pick Up - 3:40 pm
  • Please make 3 car lines (morning and afternoon) behind the high school.
  • Have your students name card visible; i.e hanging from your mirror or in the dashboard.
  • Filter into one line to approach the curb.
  • Please do not be on your phone when approaching the curb.
  • Pull up as far as you can.
  • We will load up to 5 cars at a time. Children need to learn independence a little at a time and we feel that our kids are able to get in the car by themselves. Please encourage your child to climb in quickly and safely. Don't worry, we will still help those who need it!
  • If you need to buckle up your child, please pull over to the side after you have pulled away from the curb.
  • Once the pick up line is finished all remaining students will be walked to the office, if you will be late please call our office 248-919-0404.

Note: Please talk to your child about watching for your car. When they see you have stopped moving, they should walk to the car.

First FOG Meeting

On Tuesday, September 10th, our amazing Friends of Grandview, or FOG, are holding their first FOG meeting of the year at 6:00 at the Grandview Media Center. This meeting is open to the entire community and it is a great way to share your thoughts, opinions and questions. We hope to see you there!

We hope to have child care provided, but we will NOT be serving dinner for the event.

The Agenda is as follows....

  • Nominations for open FOG positions. The positions that are open are President, Co-Vice President, and Secretary
  • Fall Festival Update
  • Homecoming Update
  • Poms Update
  • Sports Update
  • Grandview Dinner Events
  • FOG Events
  • Principal Report and Building Update

Cub Scouts Pack 279

Monday, Sept 9th is the fall recruit new scouts.

Sept 16 1st Den meeting

Sept 23 is our Pack meeting.

Every Monday, starting Sept 30 at 6:30 are the weekly scouts meeting.


Look for the POMS flyer to be coming home on Monday. This is a sports event for both boys and girls that wish to participate. They are looking for a kindergarten POMS coach. The cost for a year of fun is $25. Please see the information below. Questions, please contact.....

Mary Ann Gould-Brent @ or by calling 724-744-5588.

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FUN (or FUND) Run

The Fall FUN Run is back!!! We are doing the event a little different as we barely had 25% participation last year. So we are hoping for $20 per student, but will take whatever they can support.

Here is how it works....

  • Monday, your child will come home with the below handout
  • Each box asks for $1 donation from neighbors, parents, siblings, relatives, and family friends.
  • Once they have a donation, they fill in the box. When their page is full, send in the form with their money.
  • If you raise more, AMAZING!! We will take it.
  • If you raise less, still AMAZING!!! Every cent counts
  • Cash or Check is accepted. If you write a check, make it out to Clarenceville School District
  • Selling starts Monday and ends on race day, Friday, September 27th
  • The purpose of the race is to provide support to our educators while also promoting a healthy lifestyle to our students and the community.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by supporting our Fun Run.

If you have any questions please contact our Fun Run Chair: Donna Pelon at or call the school office and leave a message for her to call you back. Grandview: 248-919-0404

School Hours

School hours have been changed. The school day is now

8:30-3:40. 1/2-day ends at 11:30.

School Doors open at 8:20 and the students will report to their grade level location. At 8:25, the first bell rings and the 2nd bell rings at 8:30, when learning begins.

At dismissal, parent walk-up and pick-up will begin to be dismissed at 8:35. The final bell is at 3:40 when all students will dismiss from their afternoon dismissal location.

Your child is marked tardy starting at 8:40. Attendance and tardy was a problem at Grandview. Please do not get into the same routine this year. We need your children in school each and every day!!

Free Breakfast and Lunch

GREAT NEWS!!! Just like last year, Grandview is 100% Free and Reduced, therefore, we are not charging for breakfast or lunch. Every student is eligible for this program, even if you did not qualify for the program in the past. The breakfast & lunch menu can be found online at However, if a child brings lunch from home, milk and snack can still be purchased at an additional charge. Breakfast will be eaten in the classroom after the start of the school day.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Clarenceville has joined with SFE for our food service. The menus change daily. Each day there will be three options, one being vegetarian. Peanut Butter and Jelly will not be served this year daily. There are 2 ways to view the menu. Once way is through the website at The second way is through an app. The app is entitled Nutri-Slice.

Late Drop off and Early Pick Up

If you are running late (after 8:30am), students must enter through the front doors WITH A PARENT in order to be signed in at the front office. Please do not try and enter the back of the building as preschool students will be dropped off after 8:30.

Tardy is marked starting at 8:40.

Children will not be allowed an early dismissal from the office after 3:15 pm so we can ensure a calm and safe end to the day for all students. Please plan accordingly.

Emergency Cards and Transportation Forms

It is VERY IMPORTANT that Emergency Cards and Transportation Forms are filled out completely, both sides, and returned to school! Please make sure to print neatly and include your home and cell phone number and email address, as well as, at least 3 additional local emergency contacts listed in the order you would like them contacted. Please make sure those contacts know you have listed them as an emergency contact. We will not release your child from the office to anyone not listed on the emergency card. Anyone picking up your child at the office must show a photo identification in order for them to be released. The transportation form was in your back to school mailing and the emergency cards are coming home on Wednesday. Thank you!

On-line Registration for ALL Grandview Students

The enrollment process is now 100% on-line. To process the paperwork, you need to log into your child's parent portal site. The parent portal site can be accessed from the main page of the Clarenceville website by clicking on the blue on-line registration button or you can click the following link You will need your PIN number and password. If you do not know it, please contact the Grandview main office at 248-919-0404. For this process, you will be asked and prompted to go through the annual registration forms and approve the forms for this year, as prompted.

If you are new to Grandview, you need to click on the pre-enrollment button (has a pencil) located on the Clarenceville home page.

If you want to enroll on a phone or tablet.....

We now have a mobile version of Mistar that can be used on phones/tablets. It must be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Itunes. I have attached instructions if you would like to share with your parents. With the app a parent can now complete their re-enrollment forms.

Students can also download their Student Connection through Google Play Store or Itunes.

Parents can now can report absences through the app. To report an absence or complete the re-enrollment packet there is a drop down icon that they need to click, I highlighted it in red and attached a screenshot of what it looks like from their perspective.

Once they click they can choose from the options.

The instructions for the app are included below......

Tuesday Night Night

Our First Tuesday Night Night was a huge success. There were over 500 views. I loved reading to the community and am already excited to read to all of you this Tuesday. I go live at 8 pm, but I publish the Live event to the Grandview Facebook Page so that families can view it at their earliest convenience for your children and their evening do not worry if you miss the live event The point of this activity is to foster the importance of 10-20 minutes of reading each night. Remember it is super easy to view.....just visit the Grandview Facebook Homepage. I will be taking suggestions for books, so post away in our site so that I know what my Grandview readers want to hear at night. Can't wait to do what I love most....reading to students!!!

Grandview Sports

Stacey Wittscheck, Grandview Sports Director, has created a Grandview Sports website. All of the information from schedules, rules, code of conduct, sign-up, forms, etc. will all be housed in one location. Football information will coming soon. Check out this great communication piece for our families!!


Restorative Practices

Grandview, as well as, all Clarenceville Schools have committed to implementing Restorative Practices for the 2019-2020 school year. Restorative practices, in schools, are based on restorative justice principles instead of punishment. They aim first to build classroom communities that are supported by clear agreements, authentic communication, and specific tools to bring issues and conflicts forward in a helpful way. Classrooms will be implementing the idea of Circles, using common language for questioning with children, and the talking stick. For more information Check out our teachers creating their classroom talking sticks.

Volunteering at School

If you are interested in volunteering at school you need to complete an iChat form (available in the office) and submit a copy of your driver’s license for a quick background check. Thank you! We love our Grandview Volunteers!

iChats are also needed to be filled out if you wish to be a WatchDOG dad or chaperone a field trip.

Job Opportunity

Substitute Noon Aides are needed. This job involves supervising children in the lunch room and on the playground from 11:30am-1:00pm. Please stop in at the office to get an application if you are interested. You would need to be fingerprinted (approximately $70 cost) before working.

Important Dates and Upcoming Dates

9: Fall Rally Cub Scouts Event

10: FOG Meeting @ 6 pm

12: Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30 pm

16: First Cub Scout Den Meeting

17: Constitution Day - Wear red, white and blue

18: Fire Drill @ 10:30 am

19: Curriculum Night (K-5) @ 6 pm -- 2 sessions

23: First Cub Scout Pack Meeting

24: Community Church Readers start (every Tuesday)

26: Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30 pm

27: Fun Run

30: Mustang Mindset Monday’s Begin

Start of the weekly Cub Scout meeting

Please Connect

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