Work Out @ Work

Get your office moving!!

Work out at work

W@WM aims to encourage people to be physically active and pain free during their work day. Simple changes to your daily routine can keep you healthy and pain free.

What are you going to do about it?

Get moving and stop pain before it gets out of hand

*Organise a regular form of exercise eg pilates class for your office to partake in

*Take a walk at lunchtime

*Take regular breaks and stretch

*Have an ergonomic assessment of your work station

*Have a physiotherapist visit your office on a regular basis.

Back to Basics

Organise a day for your office. To include pilates class(es) and a 1/2 - full day on site physio for office staff. Phone or email for more information. Prices on request.

What you need: Space for a treatment bed/ class, an employer who is interested in employee wellness and a proactive team.

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