Winfield Weekly

May 2, 2016


Monday, May 2

mClass Testing (Lachowicz, Morey, King, Taylor)

Anita OOB All day

Tuesday, May 3

mClass Testing (Daley/Sassman/Szypczak, Olenik, Bartochowski, Vickrey)

Jillian OOB 8-11:30 am (Meeting) PM (Sick Day)

Wednesday, May 4

Weekly PD @ 8:05 am (Library)

mClass Testing (Lachowicz, Morey, King, Taylor)

Thursday, May 5

mClass Testing (Giesler, Olenik, Vickrey, Bartochowski)

Friday, May 6

Grade Level Meetings @ 8:05 a.m. (Grade Leader Classroom)

mClass Testing (OPEN, Mains, Miller, Burford)

Notes and Other News...

  • Details regarding EOY Star Testing are forthcoming. Please read these carefully. We will briefly review on Wednesday morning.
  • Please make sure you are spot checking your students Chrome browsing history. They should only be using their devices for school related activities. Please report anything suspicious to me. I am working on a form letter to send to parents when something fishy shows up.
  • Summer Program will return to Student Packets this year. More details to follow...We will participate in One School, One Book when the 2016-2017 school year begins...Exciting stuff to come!

Weekly To-Do's

  1. Sign up for an American Fidelity time slot. The dates are May 16-17. The sign up sheet is in the office near the center printer. All employees who work 3.5 hours a day and are eligible for benefits must meet and sign off.
  2. Create your STAR Testing schedule and share with Jillian.
  3. Continue recording Parent Contacts on Google Form. Many have not been updated since early this fall.
  4. Submit your weekly newsletter via email (preferred).
  5. Learning Goals and Tracking Student Progress are embedded in your daily work. New teachers: speak with your mentors about this.

Pint-Size PD

Interesting read on how your brain interprets information, including graphics...