KIS PD Sessions January 28, 2015

(For those not involved in the Math PD.)

All teachers of math in both grades will attend the session with Dr. Michelle Stefan from UNCC in the media center. The rest of you can choose from these two choices. :)

Teaching Channel Videos

The Teaching Channel's videos are one of the best video resources for professional development that I've seen. Videos are fairly short and address a wide variety of topics. Use this time to browse and view videos for your content and professional learning needs. You can browse topics such as "differentiation" or "engagement." Or you can watch clips specific to teaching in your content area. A suggestion list will be available. Here is the site in case you want a preview:

Tech-Know-Fy your Classroom (Especially ELA)

Amy will share specific ways you can use iPad apps and other technology, keeping the ELA classroom specifically in mind. Come learn about building avatars, creating trading cards, vocab dice, and more. The ideas can be applied to other subject areas, but she will be keeping ELA teachers specifically in mind.