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February 5, 2016

In This Week's Edition

  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Honors Courses
  • Scheduling
  • Adventures in Science & Medicine
  • PTA Founder's Day
  • Mustang Bowl
  • Student Spotlight
  • Upcoming Events

Parent-Teacher Conference

The second installment of conferences will take place on Thursday, February 11 from 4:05-7:05 in both gymnasiums. There will be an arena style set-up with teachers at individual tables in the upper and lower gyms. If you did not attend last Wednesday, we encourage all parents to attend and have face to face conversations with their child’s teachers. Please note: Be courteous and mindful of others who may be waiting to speak with that same teacher. For parents who are interested in the CC+, College Credit Plus Program, there will be an informational meeting held at Strongsville High School at 6:00 pm the night of conferences (Thurs. Feb. 11).

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Students Dressing Up for Spirit Week

Honors Courses

Strongsville City Schools is committed to providing every child with the opportunity to access rigorous content at an appropriately challenging level. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, middle school parents will have the opportunity to self-select their child’s honors placement for Honors Language Arts, Honors Science, and/or Honors Social Studies. Teachers will continue to make recommendations and parents are urged to consider their child's test scores from Norm-Referenced Assessments such as the Iowa Test for Basic Skills. For Honors Math, students will be required to meet established criteria for placement based on the district's administered assessments.

The idea of increasing the number of students who take honors classes is really exciting! I have no doubt that we have more students who are capable of handling more rigorous curriculum and meeting those challenges.

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Center Students at Honor's Fest

Scheduling for 2016-17 School Year

Current 7th & 8th grade students will soon be scheduling for their courses for next year. Guidance Counselors will be providing an online document for 8th graders to help guide you and your child in the selection process in preparation for high school. Click on the link below for the document.

9th Grade Scheduling Worksheet

Heather Rothkegel, current counselor at Albion, will be the counselor for ALL future 8th grade students next year at Strongsville Middle School. She will be working with 7th grade teachers to provide course selection sheets for students and prepare their schedules for 2016-17.

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Captain Evan Peck Hugs His Mom and Speaks With Students

Adventures in Science, Health & Medicine

Selected 8th grade students are participating the the Adventures in Science, Health and Medicine program, sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic. This 5-week course, which meets once a week, involves students exploring symptoms of a given patient, performing tests along the way, and concluding with a diagnosis of the patient. These interactive sessions are run by the Cleveland Clinic and many other schools across the state are involved. Students tune in, via teleconference, and are able to interact with other schools and the instructor at the Clinic.
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Students Explore Density of Liquids with the Cleveland Clinic

PTA Founder's Day

Congratulations, to Tracy Joniak. Tracy was recognized at PTA Founder's Day, on Thursday, for her outstanding achievement as such an active member of the Center PTA. We applaud all of your efforts, Tracy. Thank you, for helping create great experiences for our students here at CMS!
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Tracy Joniak along with her husband and son, Cole

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Students Creating Projects With Google Drawing

Mustang Bowl

This will be the final year of the Mustang Bowl for Center basketball. The girls will play on Monday- 7th grade @ 4:30, 8th grade @ 6:00 and the boys will play Wednesday- 7th grade @ 5:00, 8th grade @ 6:30. All of Center's students and fans are to wear white and Albion will wear green. So, let's come out and support our athletes for one final Mustang Bowl and don't forget to "White-Out" the Strongsville High School gym!

PTA is sponsoring a canned-food drive during both games. Feel free to contribute non-perishable food items at the game. PTA will have a designated spot near the gym for items. The PTA thanks you, in advance,, for your support.

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All-Star OSCAR Winners!

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Sport of Jousting in Medieval Europe

Student Spotlight

Dylan Hyun, an eighth grade member of the Magic Team, is this week's Student Spotlight. Dylan is an accomplished level 8 competitive gymnast at Gym World in Broadview Heights. His favorite event is High Bar, and his dedication is amazing---he trains sixteen hours a week for his sport!! When Dylan's not at the gym, he studies Spanish with a private tutor, and still finds time to play trumpet in the Band and Jazz Band. Even with his busy schedule, Dylan is a straight A student whose favorite class is Geometry because he finds it challenging. Dylan's favorite thing about CMS is the community--he feels as if everyone is nice, and the people are accepting. In the future, Dylan would like to study Biomechanical Engineering in hopes of developing prosthetic limbs. We have no doubt that Dylan is on the path to making his dreams become a reality!
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Important Dates & Upcoming Events

  • Feb. 8 4:30 Mustang Bowl! Girls Basketball vs. Albion
  • Feb. 9 1:00 PTA Meeting
  • Feb 10 5:00 Mustang Bowl! Boys Basketball vs. Albion
  • Feb. 11 4:05 - 7:05 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Feb. 11 6:00 College Credit Plus Meeting @ SHS
  • Feb. 15 No School!
  • Feb. 19 Mustang Mentors visit
  • Feb. 26 7:00 Winter Formal: Starry Night