Recent events in Mesopotamia

By Emma collins

The agriculture

How exciting that the Mesopotamians made the wheel! The wheel could help move heavy things. The Mesopotamian would travel in the wheeled carts. When the Mesopotamians used the wheeled cart that helped them domesticated animals such as an Ox or a Donkey. The wheel is round and it helps things roll around to different places.
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Weather Report

Wow! Ancient Mesopotamia just had a major flood! The Tigris and the Euphrates river flooded there river banks. A few days after the flood both of the rivers enriched the soil from the ground. Both of the rivers provided a likely source of water. Often the floods caught the early settlers completely by surprise. Many people died from this tragic accident. How they died is that a lot of water came into there houses, so many people drowned.
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Personal Interview

Hello guys today i am going to have a interview with Jo- Jo Collins. What is your life like in Mesopotamia? My life is pretty great when I was young my family was kind of poor but when I was teenager I got a new job and I got 6 golden coins a month. How old where you when you moved to Mesopotamia? I believe I was 4 years old! What is your religion like from where you live? Well from my religion it it is different, one reason it is different is because boys had to go to boys school and girls have to go to girl schools. Well thank you so much Jo- Jo collins this was a amazing opportunity! No problem I had a amazing time too! The picture below is Jo-Jo!
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