Fundraising with Jamberry!

Need a fun and easy fundraiser? Do it the Jamberry way!

Why do a fundraiser with me?

  • Earn 20-25% of total sales for your cause.
  • Can be done partially or entirely online – letting you reach a broader audience.
  • Great products that people want!
  • I do most of the work – you spread the word and your cause and I share all the great things about Jamberry. Together we bring awareness to your organization.

How it works:

A Jamberry Party, with a twist!

1) Pick a date and start spreading the word that you (or the group) are hosting a Jamberry Fundraiser. (See below for examples/suggestions)

2) I create a Party on my Jamberry website and a Facebook Group for the party. The Facebook group will be headquarters for everything going on. I will post information about the different products and together we will post about the cause and what the money raised will be going towards.

3) After the party closes and I receive my commission I will cut a check and send you 20-25% of the total sales for your organization.

Alexis E Guse - Independent Jamberry Consultant