The Coaching Agreement

Jumpstart for a Powerful Coaching Session, Teresa Pool, MCC

Remember that coaching session that limped along while you were frantically searching your mind for where to go next? Now see how creating a clear, shared vision with your client supports you both from beginning to end. The Coaching Agreement is the most critical, yet least practiced, core competency in our toolkit. The better the agreement, the better the session. Learn to take yours to the next level and discover “the thing beneath the thing” that the client really comes for!

During this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to use the session “agreement” to build a strong foundation for the coaching session
  • How a powerful coaching agreement can discover the “thing beneath the thing”, the real issue that the client wants from coaching
  • The role of Coaching Presence, Active Listening and Powerful Questions in creating the coaching agreement
  • What the coaching agreement sounds like at all three levels of ICF competency (ACC, PCC, MCC)
  • How to use the agreement as a touchstone during the session to maintain focus
  • Bonus content: Embracing Stuckness – how to create a space of relaxed, fertile exploration when you and the client don’t know where to go next

This presentation is appropriate for coaches of all levels and earn 1.5 Core Competency CCEU's.

About Our Speaker

Teresa Pool, Master Certified Coach and President of Transitions For Business, helps clients achieve their full potential. Ms. Pool coaches executive leaders and teams through challenging business situations. She also works closely with leaders to prepare for succession and thrive following a promotion. In addition to her global talent management practice, the University of Texas Executive MBA program employs Ms. Pool as a coach for high potential EMBA students; she is also a member of the teaching staff as an instructor, supervising coach and examiner for their Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching program.

Teresa’s personal and professional experience gives her a unique perspective and understanding of her clients’ needs. She spent almost two decades in global technology industry, focused on developing leaders, business planning, market strategy, and change management. Teresa has coached professionally since January 2001 and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach with over 3,000 logged coaching hours. She also holds credentials as a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Talent Selection Specialist, Neuro Linguistics Master Practitioner, and Equine Facilitated Coaching Specialist.

The Coaching Agreement: Jump Start for a Powerful Coaching Session

Monday, June 15th, 6-7:30pm

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