by: Danielle Opp

“Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students” - Lopez, D

Assessments really are just another tool in our arsenal of teaching tools that direct where we need to go. If that means taking a step back and relearning something then we do that, if it means moving forward then that is great. I think that my job as a teacher is to teach to the best of my ability and make sure my students know what they need to be successful. Assessments are one way of making sure they truly do know what I have taught or if I need to revise something.

Defending our Assessment Practices

At the end of the Radiography program that I would like to teach, students go on to take a national registry to determine if they will become legal Radiologic Technologists. Giving assessments as classes progress will allow me to determine if the students are prepared to take and pass this national examination. Each assessment will allow me to determine what the students understand and what I need to go back to in more depth. Along with written assessments, I will give positioning tests that help to be sure not only do students know the written work of being a radiographer but also the hands on aspect as well.
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Partners in Assessment

This question really made me sit back and think for a minute. I had never really considered that students should be involved in a partnership for assessments. In my mind, it was mostly just a way for me to make changes I thought necessary. I think that in the future it would be helpful to have more input from the students on what they would like to see and have an opportunity to give input using their assessment to decide how classes will go.