Camp North Elementary

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Magic Show

We hope that all of the kids enjoyed the magic show. If you go by Sonic and see Brandon Shefield, please make sure to tell him thank you. He always goes above and beyond to support our kids. If you have a chance to allow students to write him "Thank You" cards we would love to give them to him.



Just a reminder that personal use of your cell phones should not be taking place during instructional time or when you are responsible for the monitoring of students. We know that several of you have your timers set on your phone and that is fine. Checking emails or personally texting should take place before or after school, or during your lunch or conference. We know some of you have emergencies come up and we appreciate you e-mailing us letting us know.

Personal cell phones during team meetings and professional development.... Just a reminder that during meetings or trainings if you have an emergency and have to take a call you need to step out of the meeting/training room. Taking a call in the middle of a meeting or training can be disrespectful to the team and or the trainer.


It is with a very heavy heart that I will share that one of our students was recently diagnosed with cancer. This child's smile and hugs can brighten anyone's day. Various staff have asked what they could do for the family. So if you want we are doing the following. If you want to participate you are welcome to. If you do not want to participate you do not have to. Wednesday we will wear green for this child's favorite color. If you would like to wear jeans for $2 you can and all money raised on Wednesday will go to the family. We will also be doing a baked potato lunch on Wednesday. It will come with: baked potato, fixings, tea, and a cookie. The cost of the potato will be $8. If you want a potato please complete the below form so we can get a count.

Upcoming Dates

Monday- Mock STAAR 3rd Math- Lunch visitors welcome

Tuesday- Mocks STAAR 3rd Reading- Lunch visitors welcome

Wednesday- Wear Green....$2 jeans...$8 baked potato lunch....proceeds will go to the family....please read next section for more information.

Thursday- Staff Luncheon, Wacky Wednesday Schedule

Friday- No School

Faculty Meeting

Since we have two days of Mock STAAR we wanted to give you that time to use as you need. We will not have a faculty meeting on Monday.