Reducing Fat, Sugar, and Sodium

by Allye Guajardo

Reducing Fat

Tips to reduce fat:

-You can season vegetables with herbs and spices and lemon instead of butter.

-Use low fat and Skim milk products instead of whole milk.

-Roast, boil, bake, or broil rather than fry foods.

-Trim the fat from meats before and after cooking.

-Read the lables on food from the supermarket and determine the amount and types of fats in foods.

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Reducing sugar

Tips to reduce sugar:

-Drink fruit juice of unsweetened tea instead of soft drinks.

-Serve fresh fruits and vegetables rather than candy and cookies.

-Limit the amount of sugar added to fruits.

-Buy unsweetened cereals and add fruit instead of sugar.

-Use spices for flour instead of sugar.

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Reducing Sodium

Tips ro reduce sodium:

-Tatse your food before adding extra salt.

-Eat fewer salty snacks.

-Use lemon juice instead of salt on veggies.

-Use herbs and spices instead of salt.

-Read lables and compare food and buy those without added salt

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