Acient Chinese inventions

Literature and writing

Arts and Culture Inventions

Over the thousands of years China has made hundreds of inventions and innovations but I am only going to talk about two of them that are used for literature and writing the first invention is printing the Movable character blocks were invented by Bi Sheng in 1045 AD. A method for arranging and printing pages in mass quantities was devised. but not very efficient because of the 5000 Chinese characters but it helped make inexpensive books for the public to read. Paper was invented by Cai Lun, a scientist at the Imperial Court in 105 AD. Paper was produced from bamboo and something called hemp fibers (witch is a string like substance from the hemp plant) into a mold to make paper.

The Most Important Invention

one of the most important invention is printing because without printing you would not have books magazines.Printing was once unknown to people, and during those days only few people were able to read and write. All the book of knowledge was only available to church officials and to the universities teacher. When printing was invented, it was noted that there was a general desire in people for learning throughout Europe and this amazing invention made the books cheaper and improved the ability for people to read more books.