Controversial Female Superheroes

Marvel's bold female heroes sparks chaos from fans

Who, What, When, Where, Why

In Summer 2015, Marvel Comics were putting the finishing touches on two new, shiny, freshly printed comic books. At that point in the year they had already released 16 comics with females as the lead heroine and still had many more in production to be released later on in the year. The woman behind this new era of comics is named Sana Amanat. She is the Director and Editor of a large variety of comics published by Marvel. The comic company is located in New York, NY and has been there since it's founding in 1939. Amanat had proposed the idea of switching things up with two popular characters (those being Thor and Captain Marvel) The first idea she proposed was having Thor wake up to discover that he is a SHE; the second? A young Pakistani girl named Kamala Khan that idols Captain Marvel and has the code name of "Ms. Marvel". Why did the fans riot? I think it has to do with race and gender stereotyping.

Perspective #1

The Company-

The first perspective would have to be the company. They endured this controversy and they probably were thinking there was nothing wrong with trying to create something new. They were just trying to make something enjoyable for readers to relate to. They never thought that fans of Marvel would lose their minds over the change in Gender and Race. Kamala Khan is a young Pakistani girl that loves superheroes as much as the readers do and she just wants to be a superhero like the Avengers and Captain Marvel are. Thor Woman is just as powerful and as strong a Thor is and yet people do not like the new interpretation because she's a woman. What is so wrong with these woman trying to be the HEROES rather than the VICTIMS?

Perspective #2

The Fans-

Fans have loved Marvel's comics since they first came out. To see heroes like Thor suddenly change genders is not that serious; but I guess to someone like a avid fan it's the end of the world. The problem is that as people we become too used to the same things. When the thing we are used to suddenly changes it can take some getting used to. In the case of a young girl named Kamala Khan who dresses up like a younger Captain Marvel. I think fans dislike her because she is a different race. Kamala Khan is a Pakistani girl that is a huge fan of Captain Marvel. Most of the female heroes are Caucasian, which could cause some issues.

Media Bias Explained

The bias found in this controversy would be Bias through Source because most of the articles were in support of Marvel but did not mention anything about a group of rioting fans. The articles were in support of Marvel because woman were finally getting leads in new comic books.

Criticism #1

The first criticism that this controversy faced was the Historical Criticism. Men were originally the only fans and readers of comics and in the last few years woman have become fans as much as men are. The company started introducing females into the comics in 1964. Comics are still as popular today as they were then.

Criticism #2

Feminist Criticism is found in the controversy through the portrayal of the woman in the comics up to 2015. Many of the drawings done by the companies artists' are made to appeal to the men that read their comics. The woman were drawn with perfect bodies, perfect hair, and were in this case every man's "dream woman". The woman were in no way portraying actual woman and they were very exaggerated and attractive. This was very unrealistic and that is why the new Thor and the younger Ms. Marvel are meant to look normal like woman of today.

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