Why Bella Is Angry.

Hapenz all da tyme.

Oo don' no why she so mad, but I carn tel oo why she dat mad.

Numba On.

She miyt be sad.

Numba To.

She miyt be on he peryod.

Number Tree.

She miyt be in a fight wit her boyfriend. She tink dat he cute, but he no-no.

Numba For.

She miyt hate oor guts.

Numba Firv.

It in her natoor.

Numba Soox.

She is hungri. Hapenz all da tyme.

Numba Servin.

She is so dub, lik it takes her an our to count to da numba den.

Numba Ate.

No won luvs her.

Numba Nin.

She is da tri hard.

Numba Den.

She copys ever1 bcuz no won loves her the way she is. And she works at Menard's.