Bearing As A Leader

Marine Corps Leadership Video

This video demonstrates how a good leader has a clear bearing. They are straightforward with their directions and act in a way in which their followers easily understand what they are supposed to do. Demonstrating and carrying themselves in a calm manner is important because it shows their followers they are in control and are serious about their role as the leader.

The Importance In Every Day Life

Imagine yourself in a group project; In this project you will have to assign different positions to different people. One person, of course, will have to be the leader. This leader will be responsible for turning in all the work and making sure each member of the group does their fair share. Two people want to be the leader, Jack and Molly. Jack says he has plenty of time to turn in the project and will assign everybody their work, splitting it between everyone. When Jack says he wants to be leader he is sitting up straight, he looks his peers in the eyes, and is very serious about his grades. On the other hand, Molly is sitting back on her phone, and says she wouldn't mind turning in the assignment. Molly is known for having her work in late, or often times not doing her own work.

So who would you want to lead?

The obvious answer is Jack. His bearing shows he is ready to be the leader and will take his role seriously to help everyone and himself earn a good grade. When being a leader, it is crucial you show your followers you are excited and serious about your goals, through your body language.

Some of the most bearing leaders: