Jan 25th -29th

Dear parents

We're still working in our Rocks Study and it has been a BLAST!

Getting to know all the cool things we can do with rocks and exploring their features is making kids aware of their surroundings and is helping them get involved with nature. They have been learning some BIG words too, so make sure you establish a conversation with them and talk about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks!

We also had a special visitor from ARIZONA! Katie Palmer is the Museum Educator at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. She holds a PhD in Musical Arts and a Master's in ethnomusicology and came to ISP this week and had a fun African music workshop with your children!

Before wrapping up our study, we're going to investigate some more and we're gonna get ready to go on our Carnival Break, celebrating SPIRIT WEEK!

Spirit week is about showing how proud we are to be members of the ISP Community!

Remember there are specific dress codes for those days and that there's a Home-School connection activity in which you can talk and ask your children about their favorite things in ISP!

It's gonna be a fun and busy week, let's rock it!!!

This week's fun activities

Music Workshop

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Arts and Exploring

Finding Fossil Letters

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Mixing Paints and Rock stamping

Letter Sound Boards


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The Squash from our Garden

Classroom Visitor... a FROG!!!!

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Stories of the week

Guji Guji read by Robert Guillaume
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Bedtime Stories: Roxaboxen
Rocks, Pebbles and Sand Story

Friendly Reminders

- Yearly drive to collect school supplies for our sister school, Gabriel Lewis Galindo in Las Trancas. . We will start collecting from February 1st to 19th, not including the week of Carnival Break (Feb. 8-12). Pre-Kinder 4: Will collaborate with each student bringing:

2 pencil erasers, 2 pencil sharpeners, 1 dozen pencils

-Please remember to send in your child's labeled blanket and pillow if you have not done so already.

- Remember to read a story or more with your child every day

- Year book picture retakes on Feb 4th

- Carnival Break Feb. 8th - 12th No classes this week. Classes will resume on Feb. 15th.

- Conscious Discipline workshop Feb 17th at 11 am

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Friday Feb 5th

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