Frederick Douglass

By: Drake Sterling

Birth, childhood, and Death

Frederick Douglass was born in February 1818 the exact day is unknown. He was born a slave his mother died when he was 7 years old. his father was a white slave owner it was possible that he was his owner. On February 20 1895 Frederick Douglass dropped to the floor dead in his residence due to a heart attack


Frederick Douglass was a self taught person he was a slave so they couldn't get an education. So he had to do it in secret so nobody found out

Important life events/accomplishments/contributions to change

Frederick Douglass had many contributions including he taught anti-slavery while touring Europe, he convinced Abraham Lincoln to recruit African Americans in the union army, he was a strong supporter of woman's suffrage.

Interesting Facts

Frederick Douglass had a very interesting life here is a few things i bet you didn't know about him did you know he was nominated for vice president or that he was the founder of the 'north star' an abolitionist paper. he changed his name to hide his identity after he escaped slavery, when he escaped he went to new bed-ford Massachusetts. he was also a an adviser to president Lincoln. did you know that he supported woman's suffrage? he thought that woman had the right to vote and didn't think it was fair that woman had to stay home and take care of the house while the men went out and did the jobs that women wish they had.There you have it all that you wanted to know about Frederick Douglass he was a very busy man and he helped changed america for the better.