Martin's Musings

May 8, 2016

The End is Near

Nine days left. Although there have been some long days, it seems as if the year as a whole has flown by. Each year seems to accelerate more and more. Not sure why that is.

These next several days will be full of schedule disrupters: Beehive, Field Day, Awards Assembly, Field Trips, etc. While all of these events are good things, they still disrupt the procedures and schedules of our students. For many of them, the changes won't pose any problems. However, for others these changes may create anxiety and worry which might manifest itself in disruptive behavior.

Here are some tips to help ease any anxiety changes may create for students these next nine days:

-Give students ample notice when schedules will be changed.

-If possible, provide an explanation for the schedule changes.

-Allow the students to express their anxiety to you, Jami, or another trusted adult in the building.

-Consider speaking with the parents of those students who you know are especially sensitive to change.

-Allow the student to partner up with a trusted friend for field trips, assemblies, etc.

-Closely monitor students behaviors during the changed schedule event for any anxiety-related behaviors- restlessness, argumentative attitude, clinging behavior, and avoidance are just some symptoms.

While most of our students will adapt to changes in schedule with no problems, let's make sure to provide the necessary accommodations for those that need a little extra reassurance and attention.

A LiM Summer

Before we know it the clock will strike 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 19, and summer will be here. Some of you will be teaching Explore classes, administering Explore sites, taking graduate classes, traveling to parts unknown, or smacking the snooze button an unlimited number of times. Whatever your summer plans, make the time this summer to sharpen your saw. Find time to renew, rejuvenate, and relax.

But. . . (don't you just hate that word), also keep in mind this coming school year we will be embarking on a very new and different path. While The Leader in Me offers exciting opportunities for our students, it will not be effective unless we are corporately and individually invested in the process. With that in mind, I would encourage each of us to set aside blocks of time this summer to spend time in Quadrant 2 with TLiM.

Some questions to ponder are:

1. How can I incorporate TLiM into what I am already teaching? What guided reading books support the 7 Habits? How can I incorporate the Habits into my PBL units?

2. What stand alone lessons do I need to develop to introduce the Habits?

3. How will my classroom procedures and language need to change to support the Habits?

4. What do I want my room to look like to better support the Habits?

Pintrest is a treasure trove of ideas, but be cautious about just downloading another person's ideas/product. While we do not need to reinvent the wheel, the more time you spend reflecting on and individualizing Pintrest ideas, the more ownership and understanding you will have over the process/product. Whether you choose to work from home or visit your classroom in J, J and A, to be successful, we cannot afford to put TLiM on the back burner until August.