Are you safe on the internet?

Victoria Benedict

Stay safe

This flyer is to show that you and your friends or family needs to be safe on the internet. you never know if you're talking to that real person, some people can get hurt if there not safe.

How to be safe

Monday, Oct. 28th 2013 at 6:30pm

Georgetown casstle rd

  • things that you upload will always be on the internet for everyone to see!
  • if you don't log out sometimes people cam access you account
  • Posting picture of yourself makes it 50x's easier to find you
  • When somethings on the internet it's always on the internet
  • don't give out any us full information
  • watch what you say on the internet because what you say thousands of people will and can see it
  • don't talk to strangers with only one picture. investigate there profile, find out who they really are
  • Don't post picture of yourself doing something you like, like going to the store everyday, somebody could catch on and follow you around. (stalker)

website to find out more info on how to be safe on the internet