Who Am I?

You Cool?

What does it mean to be cool?

The meaning of being cool is that people try to impress others with there clothes how they walk, talk, and how they treat situations. Val isn't really trying to be cool she just wants to be normal again which will be hard because many people are blaming her for the shootings also about the Hate List itself. Nick was never cool he was basically an outcast to everyone at Garvin High. he always had dirty clothes and never looked clean and he would always get mistreated by classmates.

how important is it to be cool?

It is important to be cool and it is also important to not be cool because the “popular” kids would have a more of a respect for you and they won’t mess with you. but then again some kids don't care what others think, they be themselves which is also important. Like in the story when Val was getting ready for school she didn't care to wear makeup or wear clean clothes.

What does it mean to fit in and why is it so important?

"I love people who make me laugh i honestly think its the thing i like the most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills its probably the most important thing in a person" ~ Audrey Hepburn

What's the advantage of being around people who have similar outlooks and interests?

The benefits are that you can have things in common so that whoever you are friends with you can laugh with them have qualities like them, you can like the same things, and that's important because you can have a great relationship with them that has feelings.

Why do you think young people use drugs/alcohol?

Because they think it might be cool to do what other people are doing. Or maybe they are just really sad and confused and they do it for happiness and amusement.