Stamp Making

Block Printing with linoleum

What I Did

Stamp Making

Making the Stamp & Stamping


Step 1 - Choose an image

So this might take a while if its a selfie stamp, but choose the image or photo you would like to create stamp of. Since the project I am doing is a stamp portrait of my face I took a self picture. So sorry, unfortunately through this whole tutorial you will be staring at a picture of my face.

After choosing your image, print it out.

Step 2 - Trace your image onto a separate piece of paper using carbon paper

Carbon paper is the best thing ever!!! Just sandwich a piece of carbon paper between your chosen image and a piece of white paper and trace out the outlines and major lines of the image using a pencil. And voila! You have your image on the white paper.

Step 3 - Go over the lines with a sharpie and color in the parts that will show when you stamp

On the paper where the outline of your image is (from the previous step), use a black sharpie and go over the outline and color in the parts that you want to keep and see when you stamp.

Step 4 - Use tracing paper to trace the paper with the sharpie

Place a piece of tracing paper on top of the paper (from the previous step) and trace out the image's outline. Trace it out heavily in grey lead pencil. After you have traced the whole image onto the tracing paper, flip the 'front side' of the tracing paper over and trace the 'front side's' lines on the 'back side' of the tracing paper.

Step 5 - Using the tracing paper transfer your image onto the linoleum

Put the front of the tracing (the one with the image in the right direction) onto the linoleum and trace over the lines on the back with a pencil. The pencil that was on the front side should have stuck down onto the linoleum when you traced the back of the tracing paper on top of the linoleum. So your image on the tracing paper should of transferred on to the linoleum like the third image below.

Step 6 - Go over the lines of the image on the linoleum with sharpie. And color in the parts that will show up when stamping.

Your image is now on the linoleum! Using a black sharpie trace out the outline once again and color in the spots that you want to be shown when stamped again. Like in step 3 but the difference is that this step is on linoleum.

Step 7 - Carving

Carve out all the white space. DO NOT CARVE OUT THE BLACK LINES OR BLACK AREAS. Make sure to keep your black lines distinct from the white space and tidy so that when stamping it is clear to see the image. Warning: to make sure no unwanted black lines pop up from areas that should be clear or free of ink, carve out bumps or streaks that pop up in those areas. Make the white space or negative space as flat as possible and a different height from the black sharpie lines.


-Use the no. 1 cutter first to carve as close to the outline. This will help to avoid cutting the black lines by accident later.

-No. 4 is helpful at carving out bumps/grazes in the linoleum and making areas flatter.

-Carve smoothly and at a steady pace so that you do not have to keep fixing your stamp later.

Step 8 - Stamping

Put your stamp onto of a layer or two of newspaper to avoid mess.

1. Put some ink onto or into a flat container (we used a ink plate).

2. Using the brayer create an even layer of ink on the container's surface.

3. Roll the brayer in the ink.

4. Using the brayer, apply the ink onto the stamp.

5. Put the paper, or magazine advertisement or newspaper, that you want the stamp to be on, on top of the stamp.

6. Use a baren to smooth out the paper on the stamp and put some pressure on it so the ink sticks to the paper.

7. Pull the paper off in one direction.

And you have done a stamp!

Repeat the stamping process as many times as the amount of prints you want to make.

Step 9 - Waiting

Wait for the ink to dry.

Step 10- DONE

FINISHED!!! You can keep stamping with the stamp you made and fill the room up with stamps of the image or make another or just be happy with the stamp/s you have done.

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