The Dust Bowl


The Dust Bowl was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged a lot of houses , cattle , etc.. The land could be dry and there would'nt be a lot of rain to help grow back the grass for the cattle .

5 Facts -

1. By 1940 , more than 2.5 million people had fled from regions affected by the dust bowl . Nearly 10% moved to California .

2. The government purchased 11.3 million acres of submarginal land to keep it out of production .

3. the drought threatened another disaster in the 1950's

4. The Dust Bowl is also referred to the Dirty Thirties .

5. There were more than 100 million acres of land affected by The Dust Bowl .

2 People Involved -

The 2 people that were involved were Sanora Babb and Henry Howard Finnell . They had both survived this tragic time . Sanora couldnt believe how dark it was . Henry said that he would feed the chickens in the middle of the day because he thought it was night .

2 pictures of how The Dust Bowl looked -

These 2 photos describe the look of what had happened during the 1930's .
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2 ways it affected Texas -

1. The Dust Bowl made rain not come therefore the land could not grow .

2. It also affected the cattle . The dust gotten into the cattle and made them die because they couldnt breathe .

2 reasons i chose this event -

1. i wanted to know more about how it affected Texas , how it made life different .

2. I liked this subject a lot and i wanted to get to know it more .

Dates of the event -

1930 - 1939