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Come to Greece!

When you go to Greece, a lot of the friendly people there will say "Welcome!" or "Good Evening!". In Greece, the official language is Greek, but everyone know how to speak English. Visit the ruins of ancient cities and explore the popular landmarks!

What To Do In Greece

There is a lot of things to do in Greece. What you can do first when you land in Greece is to visit their restaurants or visit a grocery store. Buy some of Greek's many pastries, including the famous Baklava, with nuts and syrup, or try triangles stuffed with cheese, called Tyropitakia. Once you try those delicious foods, go play or watch a sport. Greek's play and love just about every sport, but try to go skiing; Greece has over 20 ski resorts! Greece also has a lot of popular sites and tourist attractions. Visit ancient cities and explore temples of Greek Gods and Goddesses. Also, the ruins of cities are very popular too! You should go check out the museums too. Greece not only has art museums, but they also have archaeological museums too! Try to go to Greece right before Easter though, because Easter is the most important yearly event for them. They celebrate Easter by having feasts and parades.

Greece's government

Greece's government is a parliamentary republic, and it's capital is modern day Athens. A parliamentary republic has a head of state (called the president) and a head of government (called prime minister). The prime minister gets a lot of the powers the president would have because the president is not a executive president.

Things You Need To Know About Greece

Greece uses euros as their currency, so American dollars won't work. Since they use euros, you must exchange your U.S. dollars to euros. Make sure you bring enough dollars though, because for every dollar you exchange, you will get 0.7194 euros. Bring some extra money for the cafes, so you can buy yummy Greek yogurt!


In the pie chart below, you will see Greece's religions. 98% of Greece's population are Greek Orthodox, 1.3% of Greece's population are Muslims, and 0.7% of Greece's population are other religions. Below the pie chart is a picture showing a Greek orthodox church.
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