Mi Vida En Columbia

Por Arón

My Family Income:

My monthly family income would be around 7,100,000 Colombian pesos.
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My City and Neighborhood:

I would live in the department of Antioquia in Medillín.
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My Family Home:

My house would cost 440,000,000 Colombian pesos.
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Our Cars:

My family would have two cars. We would have two Ford Fusions.
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My School:

I would go to Colombus School.
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My Classes and Schedule:

I would have a rotating class schedule with 6 periods a day. I would take sociales, ciencias, matemáticas, lenguajes, inglés, física, tecnología, ética, filosofía, artística, ed. física, y religión.
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My Extracurricular Activities:

I would play for the school orchestra.
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My Hobbies:

I would play soccer and hang out with my friends after school and during the weekends.
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My Transportation:

I wouldn't have a driver's license. My parents would drive me.
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My Meals:

For breakfast, I would eat arepa paisa. For lunch, I would have arroz con pollo. For dinner, I would eat bandeja paisa. For snacks, I would have friend plantains.

Where We Would Shop For Groceries:

My family would shop at Éxito Colombia for groceries.
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Where We Would Shop For Clothes:

I would shop in Centro Comercial Santafé. Clothes are more expensive in Colombia. For school, I would wear a t-shirt and shorts.
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My Favorite National Celebrity:

My would like Sofía Vergara.
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My Music:

I would listen to Shakira.
Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song)

Where I Would Go On Vacation:

I would go to the Amazon Rainforest in Colombia for vacation.
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