Liberty Academy Newsletter

March 8, 2017

Parent Teacher Conferences: NEXT WEEK!

Parent Teacher Conferences will be at Liberty Academy on Monday, 3/13 and Tuesday, 3/14 from 4-8:00pm. Stop by when you can!

EARLY RELEASE Thursday, March 16th (12:54pm)
NO SCHOOL Friday, March 17th

Interested in construction trades?

Kansas City is currently experiencing an extreme shortage of workers in the construction trades. Come learn more about this career path with a representative from the Home Builders Association on Monday, March 13th at 11:00. (Kitchen in LA South)
Want to join us? Sign up outside Mrs. Streu's office!

FutureNow: Finance

All JUNIORS have the opportunity to participate in a life-simulation that allows them to figure out how they will finance their lifestyle in the future!

Imagine being able to see 10 years into the future.

That’s just what teens get to do: a fast-paced, hands-on financial literacy exercise.

Before attending, students complete a lifestyle survey where they describe their lives as 26-year-olds: their jobs, salaries, family, homes, even shopping habits and entertainment. CIS staff then compares their surveys with their current school performance and assigns fictional jobs, salaries and families.

Students are then challenged to make ends meet using their salaries to purchase all the necessities of life: child care, transportation, groceries, homes, utilities, etc.; plus budget for fun things like vacations and entertainment.

This event is held at Liberty High School DURING THE REGULAR SCHOOL DAY! However, students MUST SIGN UP (outside Mrs. Streu's door) by Friday, March the 10th in order to participate.

More information is available by clicking HERE!

From the desk of Mrs. Norris...

When your high schooler learns new information, does he try to think about it form different perspectives? If so, he's learning to be a critical thinker.

Students who think critically can draw conclusions, evaluate arguments, and analyze what works or doesn't work--making them more ready for college and careers. Sharpen your teen's thinking skills with these ideas.

Ask open-ended questions
Help him evaluate information by posing questions that have more than one right answer. ("Should we explore space?") Or encourage him to make a choice and explain it. ("Which Jane Austen book do you like best? Why?")

Consider all the facts
Suggest that your child come up with positive, negative, and interesting points about a question in the news. Example: "Should school be year round?" After reading several articles, he might say: We could learn more" (positive". "It would be harder to get a summer job" (negative). "Some school already do this" (interesting). This approach will help him sort facts, clarify his thoughts, and reach a conclusion.

Organize information
Play this critical thinking game. Together, list 10 items in your family room (books, magazines, a vase, a television, a sofa). Then, have each person put the objects in order from most useful to least useful for a made-up scenario (planting a garden, getting ready for a trip). There are no right or wrong answers--this activity just helps kids learn a way of thinking.

Oak Grove Tornado Victims Need Your Help

On Monday, Oak Grove was struck with a tornado that damaged a dozen businesses and over 400 homes. Although the area is unsafe for volunteers, there is still a way you can help-by donating needed items. Residents are in need of the following: food, paper plates/cups and napkins, personal care items, new kids' school supplies/backpacks, new adult clothing for work (used, casual clothing is not needed at this time) and new bedding.

Items can be sent to Liberty Academy with your student and dropped off in the donation box at the front office. They will be delivered on Friday, March 17.