Healthy People 2020

Being healthy starts with you.

Healthy People

Good health is such an important goal that the federal government has established national health goals and objectives. Healthy People is a nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan to serve as a guide to improving the health of all people in the United States. The plan is revised every ten years.
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What foods are not allowed to be eaten during school?

You are not allowed to eat junk food out of vending machines. You can not have a reward for school be food related. School Stores or Snack Carts, selling food items, must meet the nutrition standards if sold during the school day. Schools/teachers who choose to recognize student birthdays, will utilize a method of nonfood celebrations.
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Physical Activity

Provide at least 1.5 units of Physical Education for students in high school and .5 units for health education. Devote at least 75 percent of physical education class time to actual physical activity in each week, with as much time as possible spent in moderate to vigorous physical activity. Emphasize knowledge and skills for a lifetime of regular physical activity. Provide adequate space to allow safe participation in physical activity.
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