and the kindle

By: Ian Yencha


Jeff Bezos started He saw that more and more people were using the internet and he saw a future in it. Bezos choose books as their product because it was almost a universal product. He decided when looking for home in seattle the house needed a garage, many of his entrepreneurial heroes started there business in a garage, so he would to.


When Amazon first launched people started ordering immediately. Soon they already had over 2,200 customers. However, with the cost of the employees and maintaining the facility the company soon became in debt and Jeff Bezos was broke. Then,an article was posted about They received funding from an unknown donor and were able to buy a warehouse.Amazon went through a lot more slumps like this. Finally, we reach today's Amazon which doesn't just sell books it sells almost everything from instant videos to silly string. In my opinion makes it a lot better then when it started.


With Amazon started to use the internet more. But,that wasn’t all Amazon also makes generous donations in communities where their employees live. For instance they helped a little league baseball team and donated tons of kindles to a school. Without Amazon we’d be going to bookstores more often and department stores.

Specific Person

As I said before Jeff Bezos Started When he was a boy the only thing he wanted to be was an Astronaut. He kept his grades up so he could go to astronaut school, knowing that the school only accepted the best. However, that soon changed, his first job was at mcdonald's where he was a chef and learned a lot of things. FInally he realized that being an astronaut was not for him and decided to use his talent of technology and create a business.
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The kindle was one of the best products sold at amazon. The kindle wasn’t marketed much, but being wireless it sold like hot cakes. The Today the kindle is still popular and advancing. Right now the kindle has an app store and internet service along with books and music.This makes the kindle one of the best nooks in the world.
Amazon Kindle Commercial 2 (official)

Fun Facts

  • In 2013 Amazon spent $158 million on Google search ads
  • He choose Amazon as a name because things were ofthen listed alphabeticly
  • the first book the company sold was from Bezos Garage, it was The book was The book was Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies