South Asia

By: Cameron Lockwood

China's One child Policy

China restricts urban population to having only one child. The child is rarely a girl because usually they are forced to abort the girls and only keep the boys. A few reasons for that is because boys fit better with there population and work efforts. Families also want to keep there name which is why they have boys. People say the policy will at least remain stable for another decade.

Hinduism vs. Buddhism

Hinduism is about understanding Brahma and the existence of him. Where buddhism is about finding the anatman, or not the soul.


  • Attaining the highest ability in life by removing distractions.
  • Allows people to go through nature and understand brahma that way.


  • disciplined life to understand that everything is in nirvana.
  • Buddhism is like an offshoot of Hinduism

Hinduism and Buddhism.m4v

Kashmir Conflict

The Territory was always a highly contested area even before india and pakistan won there independence form Britain in August 1947. Under the plan provided by the Indian Independence act during 1947, kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan. The maharaja wanted to stay alone but decided to accede to india, which gave powers to the Indian Government, in return for military aid. Now the territory has been being fought for two of the three indian-pakistan wars.

Caste System

Traditional organization of south asia, that consists of particularly Hindus.

Consists of four Varnas:

  • Brahmins- priests
  • Kshatriyas- warriors
  • Vaishyas- merchants
  • Shudras- laborers and artisans
  • untouchables- dirty work that is not even thought of in society

China's rise Economically

China has been excelling economically over the years because of there cheap laborers. We buy things from China because they cost more here, they cost less from china because they workers are so cheap. So we are helping there economy which we dont want to do. But know it is starting to change and China is starting to buy from us since we have higher quality products so they are now starting to help our economy.
Videographic: India, Pakistan and Kashmir