Marcus Junius Brutus

Traitor; Justice for Caesar

Wanted for:

-Plotting the murder of Caesar

-Wanting to take Rome's place as Emperor

-Leader of Conspirators

Archetype- Tragic Hero

He killed Caesar, whom he loved, but for the good of Rome, which he loves more. Brutus never intended to be seen as a villain in Rome, but the action that he took against Caesar was seen as a act to generate war.

Facts about Brutus

-Born on June in Rome, Italy.

-Son of Marcus Junius Brutus the Elder & Sercilia Caepionis

-Married to Porcia Catonis

-Mostly known as Brutus

-Current age: 42


If thee were to locate Brutus and turn him in dead or alive, 2 full bags of gold coins will be compensated.

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