Monday Memo on Tuesday

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hello Week# 3

The first two weeks have been truly wonderful. I can see real order and organization in many classrooms and I know that is due to great teaching of procedures and policies and expectations. If you are struggling in any way with procedures, class arrangements, etc., please let Soraya or I know and we will be happy come in and help you.

It's about this time in the school year that the "honeymoon" period may start to fade... Don't let it! Remember that the first time you allow a student to get away with poor behavior, not following a procedure, complacency, etc., you are giving them permission to continue along that path. Stay strong!

If you go into the cafeteria, you can't help but notice that a lot of painting has been done by Pastor Bartels and Luis. It is looking quite nice in there! It is OUR job as a school to keep it looking that way. Please avoid having the students stand against the walls or having garbage cans against the walls in case the students miss. In addition to just wanting to keep our space nice, there is a very important event taking place later this month in the auditorium.

Speaking of cafeteria, that is one area where I feel some additional or reteaching needs to take place. It is really loud and most times that I have walked in, I see kids up and walking around. The dismissal procedures seem a little too loose as well.

Regarding lunch, I know that some of you eat in the classrooms from time to time. This is not a practice that I encourage due to cleanliness issues but if you are going to do it, you must follow the procedures. We cannot have kids walking back to the cafeteria to throw away their trays, food and drink are constantly being spilled on the pavement. You must pull the garbage can up to your door and supervise the students as they throw away their lunch trays including their milk. Mr. Garcia spent hours and hours pressure cleaning and we already have a few very large chocolate milk stains on the pavement. No bueno.

OOS - please be on the lookout for OOS forms and send them to Marie.

After school activities: Please honor your schedule and do not end early and send kids to OOS early. End at the right time and give your parents a few minutes of grace. You have no way of knowing what the traffic conditions are.

Things to know and do...

  • The PTL Rally is tonight at 6PM. Last year, we had support at meetings from basically the same staff month after month. We need for everyone to do their part. I will be sending a monthly sign up around for PTL meetings for all of our teachers and support staff to sign up for. How can we expect the PTL to support us if we don't support them? For tonight, anyone who can make it, please do your best to make it. It is never more than an hour, 6 - 7PM.
  • I have sent you all the 1st semester chapel schedule. Some of you signed up for weeks that had an all school chapel so you were moved. So, please look at the schedule and make note of your date.
  • I am sending a devotions schedule. If you are running late for any reason and you will miss devotions, please text me or someone else who you feel will be there.
  • Back to School Nights are coming up fast. For 4th through 8th grade it is is next Thursday, September 13th. You should be working on saving student work and your presentation to parents.
  • For those of you going on the trip, I do need one or two more drivers with reliable transportation, number depends on the size of the vehicle. Please let me know if you can drive and if so, how many passengers you can take.
  • For those of you NOT going on the trip, please remember that these three days are regular work days unless you opt to take days off. On Wednesday and Thursday, you will be responsible for planning an activity for your age range and teaching/implementing it. This will be for about an hour each day. On Friday, we will not be offering OOS but it still is a work day unless you elect to take it off.
  • The office staff need your NEATLY PREPARED AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND hour by hour schedule (PK through 5th grade only). Please get this to them as soon as you possibly can.
  • I have really enjoyed reading the class newsletters that I have received, however, I have not received anything from many classes. I do not know if that means that you are not sending them or that you have not included me on the distribution list. Your emails should be done through Renweb and you can easily include me on the list with just a click. Please remember that you should be communicating with your parents regularly. This is how we build good communication and good relationships.
  • Please SET YOUR PHONES so that they will work as an intercom instead of ring if someone is calling your class. This will lessen the disruption to your instruction.
  • Marluys will be putting forms in your boxes for speech and language screening (PK thru 5th grade only) that will take place the week of September 17th. Please be sure that these go home. If you have any child who you have concerns about, please take the added step of contacting the parent and making sure that they return the form. This is just a screening. If a deficiency is found, the parents will have the option of requesting an evaluation and then signing up for services.

Prayer Requests

  • Briana - her car was vandalized over the weekend
  • Greg Hardcastle and the others that Soraya knows that are dealing with cancer
  • Adria's Aunt Vickie was just placed in hospice due to Alzheimers disease.
  • Our sick co-workers and students.. Matthew, Estrella, Sierra and anyone else?
  • Beverly's toe problem
  • Any problems that we don't feel comfortable sharing out loud