Constitutional Era and Federal Era

Sean Evans

Whiskey Rebellion

The whiskey rebellion lasted from 1791-1794, this took place during George Washington's presidency. At this time, whiskey was the most distributed beverage in the U.S. But because of this, that meant whiskey would be highly taxed. This tax was resisted by many many farmers in the Western frontier. The did so because people purchased their corn to produce the Whiskey. Counties in places like western Pennsylvania used great violence to prevent the paying of this tax. George Washington did send peace commissioners to help settle the problems in this area. But at the same time he also sent militiamen to enforce the tax. Later during Thomas Jefferson's presidency, the Whiskey Tax was repealed.

Shay's rebellion

Shay's Rebellion lasted from 1786-1787. This was an armed uprising in Massachusetts. Daniel Shay led 4,000 rebels and farmers against economic injustices in Massachusetts. Shays's rebellion fought for a stronger national government. Economic depression and high taxes caused many farmers to lose their farms. This rebellion never seriously affected the stability of the government, but it strongly alarmed Politicians over the taxes in the area.

Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention, otherwise known as the Philadelphia Convention, took place from May 25th 1787-September 17th 1787 in Philadelphia. This took place to discuss problems in the United States under the Articles of Confederation. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton had a huge role at thus time. The main intention was to revise the Articles of Confederation, but they ended up writing the U.S. Constitution. The president of this convention was George Washington.