Canada Year 2060

By:Elyaa Alsafadi


In this info graphic, I will predict the expectancy in Canada in the year of 2050, and explain how the demography,immigration and First Nations statistics will inevitably change. How do you expect the demography of Canada to change? How about the immigration rates, will they increase or decrease? First Nations? What will even happen to them?


Did you know that 97% of immigrants are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants? The immigration situations seem to be allowing a large quantity, that would only be allowed to enter if;

  • You possess a security risk,
  • You committed human or international rights contraventions
  • You have been found guilty of a crime, or you have devoted a crime outside of Canada
  • You are connected to an organized crime,
  • You carry a serious health issue,
  • You have a severe financial problem,
  • You lied in your application or in an interview,
  • One of your family members is banned from entering Canada.


  • Currently, 63% of Canada's population are Economic Immigrants.
  • 23% of the population is the family immigrants, that came to reunite with their families.
  • Humanitarians complete the rest of the population with the percentage of 11%.
  • The rest of the immigrants coming through are 3%.
  • Allows 250,000 immigrants per year


After looking through many statistics I think that the population will either stay stabilized or increase with the amount of immigrants coming through.

Also, I think the amount of refugees coming to Canada will also increase, the lack of conflicts in Canada will encourage them to embrace the peace offered.

The quantity of economic immigrants will decrease because of the jobs being taken over with the new technology created. Over 47% of jobs in the United States will soon be computerized, and right behind it Canada will also computerize its jobs to save the money they give out to employee's.

As for the immigrants I think they're going to increase in Canada because of the lack of education, deficiency of health care and shortage of multicultural respect found in overpopulated, less fortunate countries. The income of immigrants I think will increase are the people from the Asian countries and some new European countries like France and the United Kingdom.

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Currently as for the demographic state of Canada, it's situation has been steady and repetitive for the last decades.Its Natural increase Rate is a positive, which concludes the statement that the birth rate is higher than the death rate which gives population to the land. So technically it is fairly well even though it is at risk of over population.


  • Population:35,540,400(year 2014)
  • Birth Rate:.10.28(year 2014)
  • Death Rate:7.87(year 2014)
  • Natural Increase Rate:2.41(year 2014)
  • Population Growth Rate:1.1(year 2014)
  • Demographic Transition Stage: Stage Four(year 2014)


  • Population:71,080,800(year 2060)
  • Birth Rate:18.15(year 2060)
  • Death Rate:12.64(year 2060)
  • Natural Increase Rate:5.51(year 2060)
  • Population Growth Rate:3.37(year 2060)
  • Demographic Transition Stage: Stage Four(year 2060)

Push Factors into Coming;

  • limited jobs
  • lack of civil liberties

Pull factors into coming:

  • High standard of living
  • High standard of education
  • Job opportunities
  • Free health care (paid for by the government)
  • Multicultural
  • No language/religious barrier
  • Free education (up to high school)
  • Welfare

First Nations


The amount of First Nations will also be a large part of Canada. Through the latest studies, they have concluded the fact that first nations are starting to fulfill Canada with their high birth rate.

-Canada carries 3 different aboriginal groups: Metis,Inuit and First Nations

-There is about 615 first nation communities currently;

  • 8 metis settlements
  • 53 Inuit settlements

-These settlements equal 4.3% of the whole population.

The nations make up a large quantity in Canada population,The first nation currently is the largest community in Canada because of their high birth rate, and the Metis is the second most populated aboriginal group.The Inuit is the smallest aboriginal group in Canada.

In the future, I suspect that Canada will overpopulate in the lower regions, and will then have to encourage the residents to move to the upper regions of Canada.



-They will double their population

-Canada will be more liberate with first nation communities

-They will have a steadier financial system

-Canada will start removing the stereotypical names they've given them(drunks,un-wealthy & etc)

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Iliyaa Alsafadi

Geography Recording by Iliyaa Alsafadi
Seniors population in Canada set to increase, as mini baby boom starts

Population Increase Supporting Data

Information that Supports my Content;

-many baby booms are expected to happen around the 2030's

-3/10 seniors are baby boomers, so that means the senior population in 2060, will have a higher rate of centenarians adding to the new births happening so a huge population will remain

-A decade ago, there was only 4000 centenarians, but currently there is 6000 centenarians so it proves that the life span is stretching.


In conclusion, the demography, immigration and First Nation's systems were changed. As for the Immigration, the amount coming icreased, because of the pull factors and less push factors. For demography, the population doubled, yet there is a slight chance that it might remain the same. Last but not least the First Nations community has come to colect its rights, and has also doubled and maybe even tripled their population. The future might look different soon, might even stay the same! But lets remain hopeful for the better changes