4C News

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Holiday Party

Please click on the link below to contribute to our Holiday Party. There is an "other" option just in case you'd like to send something in that isn't part of the list. Thanks!

Winter Gear

The cold weather has arrived! In the past, kids have asked if they could keep a pair of snow pants in classroom to have when needed for recess. We have an extra clothes rack that can hold those snow pants. Please be sure your child's snow pants are labeled with his/her name.


You'll find a yearbook order form in your child's Friday Folder. All orders (online or regular order) are due by December 15th.

Poster Contest

Please check out the flyer in your child's Friday Folder regarding the Martin Luther King, Jr. Poster Contest. If your child is interested in the contest, I have access to the 12 x 18 white construction paper.


If your 4th grader signed up for robotics earlier this fall, then s/he will be part of three lessons with Mrs. Coleates. This group group of kids will meet during recess the week before break.


There are so many exciting things happening in our room!

PAWS - Your child's first PAWS assignment is in his/her Friday Folder. They are not graded, but a rubric is attached so you can see how the work will be assessed. Next week's task has been handed out to the kids. They will have the opportunity to sign up for a conference on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This assignment requires the kids to plan their time as they need to plan, write a first draft, have an adult edit, write a final copy, and then ask an adult for a final signature. Parents, you are welcome to edit at home if you wish. The next assignment is due Friday, December 16th.

SS - We are working our way through the Manhattan Purchase Inquiry. So far we've looked at documents that explain why the Dutch were interested in the Manhattan area and how the Dutch and the Natives both benefited from the purchase. In class the kids made an advertisement that could be used to persuade more Dutch people to move to New Amsterdam.

Small Groups - This week the kids read an article about chicken nuggets. You'll see the quiz in your child's Friday Folder.

Read Aloud - I am still reading Ruby Holler to the kids. We are just about to the climax of the story!

Picture Book Friday - We've started a new tradition! Every Monday, a 4C student will spend time with Mrs. Schopinsky to select a picture book with the intent to read it aloud to our class. The expectation is that the selected student will practice that book all week and then read it to the class. Karenna went first! Check out the picture below. She read The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett. Aidan is on for the coming week!

Big image


The kids have been so excited about the crayfish. Kids who were interested, practiced picking up the critter without getting pinched! Today we labeled them with dots using nail polish. Next week we are going to track their locations to see if any territories have been established.

The hydroponic bean plants have fruit! Check out the picture below.

Big image


Mrs. Close's Class - The kids took the Module 3 assessment today. Look for those to come home next week. We will begin Module 4 on Monday. There will be another MO competition during the upcoming week.


The musicians need to bring their instruments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! There will be two ensemble rehearsals and one day of lessons.

Dates to Remember

December 15th - Yearbook Orders Due

December 19th - Ornament Workshop

December 23rd - Holiday Party

January 3rd - School Resumes