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What is PixiClip?

PixiClip is an online interactive whiteboard that allows you to narrate, create, and/or upload pictures and drawings. It also can tap into your computer's microphone and webcam to add audio or video messages.

Do we have access to this program?

Yes, it is free online.

Is this on the computer and/or iPad?

This resource is available online on any computer or mobile device. There just isn't an app.

How do I use it?

Here are a couple of great tutorials!
PIxiclip movie
How to use online canvas tool Pixiclip | screencast tutorial

Ideas for Your Classroom

  • "Create a how-to guide to walk students through the different steps of a given process.
  • Create screen recordings to provide students with feedback or remediation.
  • Students can use it to create book trailers or introductions to projects they are working on.
  • Use PixiClip to create flipped lessons. You can create instructional videos with annotated illustrations on the whiteboard and share them with students to watch at home.
  • Students can use it for storytelling. They can create short stories using their own images together with narration using their voice."
  • "Each student can create a how-to for a certain mobile app to allow others to access their explanation when needed
  • Students can create a screen recording as a Ticket-to-Leave, summarizing what they learned and allowing them to go over what they were unsure about during that day's lesson
  • Students can create a introduction or 'trailer' to a project that they are creating
  • Students can outline the process or storyboard they are going to use to create a project
  • Teachers can create an introduction to a daily lesson for days when they are attending a workshop and not in the classroom
  • Teachers can use a screen recording as feedback to a student while marking up their paper on the whiteboard in PixiClip
  • Teachers can create their own "Khan-like" screen recordings to provide students with both remediation and instructional videos
  • Create a screen recording exemplar representing what you want the students to create with PixiClip"

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