K-12 Educational App

by Aiana Burton

Drop Box

Dropbox is the place for your photos, docs, videos, and other files. It's easily accessible app, you can access your files from any of your devices. The students can easy share notes and their assignment without any excuses, like my dog ate my homework. iTunes Google Play


Lumosity combines 25+ cognitive games into a daily training program that challenges your brain. This is an app that has games that will help enhance the ability of students brain while learning. iTunes Google Play


You can now check a spelling and word in just a click. Students can now enhance their ability to write and widen their vocabulary. iTunes Google Play.


It's a free app for note taking. While in class or reading an article on the internet you can have the app open on the top bar so that you can take note and do not have to open another page. The student can easily record, take notes, make a checklist, reminder, take a picture, and store any documents they may have. iTunes Google Play


This app will help students learn a language in a fun and interactive way. They can learn from basic conversation to colors, how to proper pronunciation, things and they do it any place they want. It also has some point system that encourages you to do better or to redo the work you've done and has a chart to see how fast you progress. iTunes Google Play