Chemical Reactions

Adam Wronski

First Reaction

This is a synthesis reaction.

Fe + O2 --> FeO

2Fe + O2 --> 2FeO

Bill Nye The Science Guy on Chemical Reactions (Full Clip)

Second Reaction

This is a decomposition reaction.

Hg(SCN)2 → HgS + CS2 + C3N4

2Hg(SCN)2 → 2HgS + CS2 + C3N4

Weirdest Chemical Reaction I have Ever Freaking Seen!!

Third Reaction

This is a single replacement reaction.

Na + H2O --> NaOH +H2

The video showed me that the way they balanced it is cutting the hydrogen in half on the products side.

Na + H2O --> NaOH + 1/2H2

04 - Sodium reacts with water and hydrochloric acid