Team 13 News

March 27, 2015

The Pacific Northwest

This week, we wrapped up our unit on the Pacific Northwest tribes. Students expanded their knowledge on tribes in this area, with an emphasis on the Kwakiutl. We enjoyed reviewing for a skills check with a "Kahoot"--an online study and assessment tool. Team 13 loves competitions! The four teams also enjoyed creating dugout canoes for fishing. They were successful in catching some Swedish fish--that we pretended to be salmon. The canoes came out great! We have such an artistic class!

Parentheses In Math?

This week, we learned about using the parentheses in math. The changing of its placement, can also change the equation's answer---much like the changing of the placement of a comma, can change a sentence's meaning.

Nancy served Tom the gray cat. vs. Nancy served Tom, the gray cat.

We had our own version of the Final Four--shooting for baskets worth 1 point, 2 points and 3 pints. Each team wrote equations using parenthses to dervive their team's score.

Congratulations to "The Rainbow Unicorns" who won the tournament!

Math Test Unit 7---next Thursday!

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This Little Piggy HAS a Name

...and the winner is...Hamma Montana! The girls votes slighly edged out the boys votes in our class, due to a split vote. Hamma Montana came in with 5 votes, Abraham Lincoln tied wth Hamdon Donovan with 4 votes each, much to the boys' dismay. Many thanks to Mrs. Lansdis who has kindly offered to "outfit" Hamma! We look forward to seeing her on "Race Day", when all the classroom's pigs will race before our Race For Education.

Gum and Candy

In preparation to PSSA testing, students will be permitted to chew gum in the classroom beginning next week. Each year, we start this early, to reduce the novelty of the priviledge by the time testing rolls around. A few ground rules have been spelled out: No bubble gum, we don't want to see the gum, and gum needs to be thrown out in scrap paper. Gum will also need to be disposed of prior to any specials or boarding the bus. As Elenor Roosevelt once said, "With freedom, comes responsibility.

When testing rolls around, I will provide mints and gum to our students. Believe it or not, the date of testing is right around the corner.

Dates To Remember

  • Strings Monday

  • Library Tuesday

  • Weekly Multiplication Facts-timed progress check, Wednesday, April 1st

  • Thursday, April 7th Team13 Spring Fling Pajama Day

  • Unit 7 Math Assessment, Multiplication and Division, Thursday, April 2nd

  • Book Orders Due Thursday, April 2nd (extended-more fliers were in Wednsday's communication folder, or are available online)

  • Spring Break Friday, April 3rd-Monday, April 6th; school resumes Tuesday, April 7th

  • PSSA testing begins Monday, April 13th