40 Days in the Word

At Ainsworth

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Why the 40 DITW Challenge?

...don’t we already have Bible Study opportunities?

At Ainsworth we do have several Bible study options. Men and Ladies have several opportunities to meet and study in groups at the church building each week, three options on Sunday morning and two more on Wednesday night as well as occasional Home Group studies.

Most of the time those studies are topics independent of each other. Add to that whatever Bible reading or devotions you are regularly doing at home and you have a wide spectrum of Bible experiences throughout the week.

40 DITW gives us an opportunity to integrate those experiences throughout the whole church family for a defined period of time.

People of all different backgrounds, ages, and spiritual experience can join together and engage the Word cooperatively. We can celebrate God and learn from His Word together as a whole group. Then, dig a little deeper into the topic for the week with a small group study, where we can ask questions and gain insights from others. Daily we can individually sharpen or develop a habit of being in the Word of God throughout the week.

Jointly we will be

· Demonstrating our Love for the Word of God

· Learning more of the Word of God

· Taking what we are learning and put it into practice as we Live the Word of God every day.

How do you think you would change if you accept this challenge?

· Would you be more tuned in to How God sees the World you live in?

· Would you fall more in love with the Lord and the people in your life?

· Would you find yourself getting a handle on areas in your life that have been out of control?

· Would you find satisfying answers to questions about life?

· Would you…?

You’ll never know unless you try.

Please prayerfully consider committing 40 days of your life with us starting February 15.

1 John 2:5 But if anyone obeys his word, love for God is truly made complete in them.