College and Career Project

Jackson Owen

10 Facts About Texas Tech University

Motto: From here, it's possible.

President: M. Duane Nellis, Ph.D.

Student Body: 35,158

Alma Mater: The Matador Song

Football head coach: Kliff Kingsbury

Athletic Conference: Big 12

Campus Size: 1,839 acres

Tuition Fee: $9,567 in-state

52 fraternities and sororities, making up 17% of the student population

Founded: 1923

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Why is it a good fit?

Texas Tech is a good fit for me. Its medical school is on the main campus, so I don't have to travel to go to medical classes. It is also in-state, so I don't have to travel too far from home to go to school. It is a fairly cheap school at $9,567 per year in-state. The medical school gives degrees for surgery.
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After college, I want to be a surgeon. The average yearly salary in Texas for a surgeon is $187,110, which would allow me to live a comfortable life. Most surgeons have long and unusual working hours, which can be challenge. To become a surgeon, you need about eight years of college, four under-graduate and four post-graduate. There are many types of surgeons, including neurological surgeons, colon and rectal surgeons, pediatric surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, etc.

Why I want to be a surgeon

I want to be a surgeon because I think it is a job that fits my personality. I care for others and I want to continue this into my career. This career also has a high salary, so I would be able to have a comfortable life. People have to be agile to be surgeons, and I think I am agile.