Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman

Book Summary

The book begins with a telling of what the book will be about. It explains about black letter (the bad days) and the red letter days (the good days). It also explains a little about his life before the tornado. Next we have the day of the tornado. It explains how Arthur was at Dan's house and where the other characters were when the tornado hit. After that Dan runs to get Ryan who had been left at Dan's house. They get in the shower in the downstairs bathroom. After the first tornado they go outside and find Stacey. She tells them that Arthur's family is safe. Next Dan, Arthur, Stacey, and Ryan go looking for Dan's parents. They find Dan's mom. They then drop off Dan's mom and Ryan at K-Mart. Next they go and find Miss. Smiley. They find Miss. Smiley in her basement asleep and get her to safety. Next they get found by a police and drive to the police station, but while they are driving they get caught in another tornado. They finally get to the police station. They go to the armory were they find Arthur's family. Dan next gets driven to K-Mart were he sees that everyone has been evacuated. Dan starts walking home. Then suddenly he hears his dad's truck! It has Dan's entire family in it! The next day people start coming to help clean up Grand Island. Miss. Smiley opens up her house and serves people food and water. One year later they have a reunion and a funeral for Miss. Smiley.

Problem and Solution

Problem: Dan can't find his parents.

Solution: Dan starts walking toward were his house used to be and runs into his family.

Problem: They can not find safety in the bathroom.

Solution: Dan remembers to go into the shower.

Aunt goldie

Miss. Smiley

Ronnie Vae


The weather is constantly changing.

Their environment is being torn apart making it constantly changing.

They are always moving in the story.

The setting is in Grand Island, Nebraska over the course of two days (except for the beginning and the very end). It is during a stormy night with seven big tornadoes.