Interested In a New Life?

Come Voyage down to Georgia!


This colony is an opportunity for all inmates and any protestants fleeing religious persecutions for a chance to restart their lives.

James Edward Oglethorpe

Our founder James Edward Oglethorpe wants to assist to less fortunate members of London by bringing them to the new world. He achieved this goal by asking King George for a portion of land southwest of South Carolina, the king granted him the Royal Charter of 1732 and thus parliament aided in the funding of the new colony Georgia.


The rules on living in the New Colony include defending the territory against invaders, not selling or borrowing any money against given land, using a portion of your land to cultivate mulberry trees, and cultivate the new settlement with seeds and agricultural tools. MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL THE RULES- OBEY ALL REGULATIONS MADE BY THE TRUSTEES. In exchange for your compliance towards these you rules you shall be granted fifty acres of land, food for a year, indentured servants, and freedom.

Chance to Meet John Wesley!

John Wesley is one of the most influential christian leaders in history, and our founder James Oglethorpe has convinced him to voyage along to the New Colony. He will be there preaching to Indians and leading them towards Christ.

Other Details

The colony is to be governed by the twenty-one trustees and the governor James Oglethorpe. Aside from governing, we also allow the freedom to practice any religion except Roman Catholicism.

Can't Wait See Everyone on the Ship!!