Miss Maudie down to earth

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Miss Maudie is a old widow women who enjoys people company .she a friendly outgoing person who loves everything thing on gods green earth including her garden . Every since she was little she's had a thing for flowers one nut blade and she would go to war .

Miss Maudie down to earth widow !

Miss Maudie lives across the street from Atticus finch and he's two young children scout and jem. she's known Atticus and he's brother jack finch since they were young . Miss Maudie never left her house for any reason , except to tend to her flowers in her garden miss Maudie had her opion on everybody in maycomb county. Atticus , miss Stephanie Crawford ,boo Radley almost everybody . Atticus brother jack would always tell across the street telling her to marry him . Miss Maudie was a baptist but not very religious in anyway , she was a kind friendly old women who loved having scout and Jem over . Because they obeyed her . Miss Maudie was a sweet and confident lady .

234 maycomb county