Mustang Tales

November 4, 2022 Vol. 3 Issue 51

Message from Ms. Masone

Dear Families:

We have had a phenomenal week here at MSES. We started with Halloween on Monday. The morning began with an opportunity to learn about speed and velocity during our annual pumpkin drop, hosted by Mr. Pletsch. Later in the day we enjoyed a costume parade and treats in the classroom. We had lots of parents and awesome costumes this Halloweeen.

Thursday and Friday of this week we participated in Instructional Rounds. This experience allowed teachers to observe one another and celebrate the wonderful growth we are making in the area of engagement. This opportunity also allows us to determine areas of growth. Watch us bloom.

On Friday, November 11th, we will be celebrating Veterans Day at 10:00am with a patriotic program. This is a special day for MSES students to honor our local Veterans with a musical tribute. If you want to join this event, please arrive at MSES by 9:30am. Have your Identification ready when you check in at the office, so that our secretaries can print you a visitor badge.

As many of you know, we have adopted a new math curriculum, Eureka Math Squared. This program is developing wonderful mathematicians. The strategy focuses on Read, Draw, Write as their key phrase, and I have seen so much of this week. It is so exciting to see our students develop both a love and understanding of mathematics.

Again, MANIBOO was a smashing success.Thank you to the members of our phenomenal Parent Action Committee, PAC, for their MANIBOO vision. Our auction remains until November 6th at 8:00pm. Bid here.

Thank you for choosing MSES; I am honored to serve your family.



Our security guard, Tom Tryggastad

Check out our security guard, Tom Tryggastad enjoying basketball with students.
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Reading to Day

Ms. Sueppel, our terrific assistant principal, took time to read Day a story. Check out our reading opportunities in the future with Literacy Night.
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From the District Health Office:

It is that time of year when multiple germs and viruses are spreading. Across the state of Colorado, RSV is running rampant in general - most at risk are children 0-2 years of age. We are keeping our eyes open for COVID, flu, Hand Foot & Mouth disease, as well as RSV.

Some of our younger population are presenting with fevers at school and others are not. If you have any concerns, please keep your little ones home if they don't feel well.

Encourage hand washing, covering coughs/sneezes, and feel free to mask if you choose!

Thank you for helping us stay healthy!

Halloween Picture Gallery

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Important Dates

  • Nov 9: Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay for students)
  • Nov 11: Veterans Day Celebration, 10:00am
  • Nov 16: Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay for students)
  • Nov 16: MSES Literacy Night, 5:30pm - 7pm
  • Nov 17-28: MSES SpiritWear Online Store (link will be sent out on Nov 17!)
  • Nov 18: Fitness Friday! 7:30am - 8am
  • Nov 21-25: Fall Break - No School
  • Dec 2: K-2nd Grade Family Connection Movie Night @ MSES
  • Dec 7: Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay for students)
  • Dec 16: Fitness Friday! 7:30am - 8am
  • Dec 19 - Jan 4: Winter Break - No School
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Ask Your Experts!


Hello families,

Thank you for your support with our multiple celebrations this week. We are excited to continue our classroom explorations discussing native americans and the indigenous Ute tribes, families, feelings and fall.

Ask your child to teach you our feelings song to “If you’re happy and you know it”

If you’re happy and you know it-give a smile

If you’re excited and you know it- shout hooray

If you’re tense and you know it- take a deep breath

If you’re lonely and you know it- ask a friend

Learning Highlights this Week

  • Dia de los Muertos celebrations

  • Families celebrating Halloween with us!

  • Morning costume parade around the school

  • Afternoon parade with the whole school

  • Watching the pumpkin drop with the morning class

  • Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubble

  • Wally sharing the feelings of sad and lonely

First Grade

Check out these photos of our learning fun this past week! Ask your expert what they learned about Dia de Los Muertos in Spanish this week!

Third Grade

Your third graders are brainiacs!!!! Ask them about the three main sections of the brain. They are the brain stem (medulla), cerebellum, and the cerebrum. Your third grader also knows the main job for each part, ask them! The medulla controls involuntary actions like breathing, digestion, and heartbeat. The cerebellum's job is to control voluntary movement like running and jumping. The cerebrum's main functions are emotions, language, memory, thought, and decision making. That is why it is the largest part of the brain. Ask your expert what gets thicker the more it is used? The cerebral cortex that surrounds the cerebrum does, so third graders that are learning about their brains are making their cerebral cortex get thicker every school day!
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Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is deep into science! In Mrs. Kazmiers class the students are investigating food chains, webs, and survival in Yellowstone! We are enjoying have our new online TWIG science book to record and report on all of our discoveries! Teacher Woods class is all about matter! Today they created lava lamps (see the picture). Matter is all around us and the hands on activities in science is engaging and quite fun. Mrs. Delarm's science class is all about H2O.

After Thanksgiving break the students will be rotating to their next science unit with one of the other fifth grade teachers! We are so excited to get to know more students!


As a cultural theme this week, students in all grade levels learned about Dia de Los Muertos! Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family who have died. Ask your expert to share their knowledge!

Counselor's Corner

Dear Mustang Families,

No first grade lessons this week, check back next week!

In 2nd grade your child learned that people can have different feelings in the same situation because of their experiences. Ask your child for an example of something that people can have different feelings about. Talk about the reasons people might have different feelings about it.

In 3rd grade your child learned how, when, and where to take a break in different situations as a way to manage a strong emotion. Discuss where and how your child can take a break at home. Then ask your child how they could take a break in place, for example, in the car or at the grocery store.

4th graders started their KidPower training last Friday! They had their second session this Friday and will have their final session on November 18th. Kidpower offers comprehensive safety education programs where young people learn simple, effective “People Safety” skills. “People Safety” refers to people being emotionally and physically safe, both with themselves and others. Instead of using fear to teach children about safety, Kidpower makes it fun to learn how to be safe. Parents, you are welcome to join us for our final KidPower session! Please email your child's classroom teacher or me at for details. Use the QR code for more information about KidPower!

In 5th grade we finished up our bullying prevention unit by talking about cyber bullying. Students learned how to recognize and identify different ways of cyberbullying. They learned that cyberbullying can be even more harmful than other types of bullying and can demonstrate ways to support and/or stand up for a person being cyber bullied. Next up we will be diving into our Empathy and Kindness Unit!

Ashley Root, MA, LPCC

MSES School Counselor

Yearbook Order Forms:

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Literacy Night: November 16

Please sign up for Literacy Night, so we know how many families to expect. We are providing a hot dog dinner.

Box Top Digital Earnings:

Thank you to our families who are scanning their grocery receipts into the Box Tops app - you've already helped earn $112.40 for our school in the first three months of the school year! This has already almost five-times the $23.70 we earned during the entire 21-22 school year.

Box Top funds are used to support your students by helping with classroom supply purchases, classroom celebrations, games and outdoor activities, and more. Download the app today and start scanning your grocery receipts to help us keep learning fun at MSES!

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