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How Can Help The Environment

Time to make schools eco-friendly and green

Living in the time of litter and commercial chaos, the concerns of environment seem to have been suppressed. Those little voices that raise slogans are not loud enough to wake up the citizens who seem to have turned a deaf ear to them. The environment is slowly feeling the heat of human neglect and there are some serious concerns that need to be addressed. Increasingly a lot of environmental activists feel that school are the places that need to be made green.

Catch them young and teach them the importance of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Beginning can be made by turning school building and infrastructure as per green building norms. Curriculum can be tweaked with modules on the need to protect and use natural resources to be included.

More stress can be laid in teaching students following aspects:

  • Advantages of wind energy as well as water, solar and tidal energies
  • An overview on global warning
  • Need to adopt clean energy system
  • How chemicals in plastic is harming the environment

Resource centre

School students should be encouraged to read and collect information on green technology solutions. The knowledge should be shared with a large group and collectively efforts to be made to turn school premises eco-friendly running on green fuel. They can also start an E environmental magazine to be circulated in school as well as in the nearby neighbourhood.

This can go a long way

When children are taught and groomed in the school to be more sensitive to the environment they live in, they will grow up to create more equitable living spaces. Their lifestyles will be synced with environment needs where both can co-exist in sensible way.

Aspects like using natural resources intelligently, wisely and justly will be ingrained in them right from the school. Efforts will be made to minimise wastage by using only that is needed.

With growing concern of depletion of natural resources and evident shortage in future, the need for school management to take up green cause is increasingly gaining importance. Many educational institutions have started running courses and programs to acquaint students with all environmental issues.