rick Riordon and the Olympians

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rick riordons life influences

Rick riordon's was born in Jun 5, 1964 in San Antonio TX. He attended the university of Austin in TX.His home town was filled with history such as the battle of the Alamo;A lot of bloodshed and glory.He graduated he teached for 15 yrs in the San Francisco bay after that he was writing mysteries books that were not so great. Her daughter Haley was diagnose with ADHD and dyslexia.She had an interest in Greek mythology. she would request her dad to tell her mythology stories for bedtime.Not only would Haley stick tune but also Patrick( rick's second son) later on Rick Riordon could not think of any more myths to tell his children so he made up his own. He later on showed his students his stories and they loved it. His students were so amazed that he was told to publish it,and so he did.His Percy Jackson later on became to be New Yorks best seller.

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