David G.Burnet

By:Lyndzie Wiley

biographical facts

David was born on April 14,1788.David died in December 5,1870. David lived in Newark,New Jersey.David's wife was Hannah Este. Hannah raised 4 children.He was the 14 child in his family.His parent's William Burnet and Gertrude Burnet died and he had to be raised by his 13 siblings.

His Charcteristics

David's characteristics were very important,he has a country named after him.he was also very religious .David's horseback goverment is still in TX.

Some Family Members:

His Habits

He helped draft the plea to server TX. from coahuila and made an earnest statement against the African slave trade.

Major Contributions

David's Hourseback goverment makes TX. 100% better.

5 Important facts

David was the first president of the republic of TX.He was born in Newark,New Jersey.He died 12/5/1870 at the age of 83.He had 13 siblings.He was born 4/14/1788.
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My sources:

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